Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MJ: The Movie, in Theaters October 30th??

In reference to, my article, "MJ: The Movie," held some errors. Sony does not currently own the recorded rehearsals of Jackson's "This Is It" tour. In fact, AEG Entertainment, sponsor of Jackson's concerts in London, owns the film and Sony has offered around $60 million for the footage.

According to Variety, which first reported the film's release date, the movie will also include three videos, including an alternative version of "Thriller," which was to be shown in 3D throughout Jackson's concerts.

In a deal (still to be finalized), the Jackson estate will receive 90% of the funds after AEG regains its loss from the tour.** As stated in the "MJ: The Movie" article, the footage was originally set for immediate DVD/Blu-ray release, but its competition amongst other production companies has brought the footage to the big screen.



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