Friday, July 31, 2009

Lady GaGa is...GaGa

I admire Lady GaGa's courage for being bold, but nuts!

The diva, however, was traveling throughout Denmark (accompanied by a bodyguard) to promote her album, "The Fame."


Rihanna makes a statement in NY

Looking fabulous as ever in a multi-colored maxi dress, Rihanna tends to affairs in New York on July 30th.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Megan Fox loathes Jolie comparisons. ...Why??

Megan Fox believed the media pretty dull when comparisons of her and Angelina Jolie began to surface.  She believes that because she's a brunette with tattoos and isn't "hush, hush" about her language, the media has found it acceptable to compare Fox to Jolie, according to

Fox went on to state, “You know Shia [LaBeouf] is the new Tom Hanks, Rihanna is the new Beyonce. Everybody is the new somebody although none of us are any of those people so you just walk around with it you live with it.”**

Jon Voight, Angelina's father, stated at the Transformers premiere that Jolie and Fox are "two very beautiful women," unique in their own right.**


Mr. West behind Kardashian/Bush split-up??

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush's split wasn't a surprise to many. I mean, two huge superstars formed as one power-couple usually doesn't last---except for the occasional Jada Pinkett and Will Smith's, or Beyonce and Jay-Z's.

Nonetheless, bloggers have reported that Kim Kardashian is suffering from the break-up, but a recent report from FOX441 states that Kardashian received "tempting" texts from Kanye West, adding fuel to the fire on the troubled relationship. West was reportedly referring to dates with Kardashian and commenting on the star's curvacious looks.

Bush reportedly saw the texts and embarked a huge argument with Kardashian, which ultimately "led" to the break-up. Neither camp has commented on the issue, but be sure to see "after-shock" on future episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."



Jackson's Mother gets custody of Prince Michael I and Paris

Katherine Jackson, mother of the late pop star, has received custodial rights of Jackson's 2 eldest children, Prince Michael I (12) and Paris (11). Debbie Rowe, mother of Prince Michael I and Paris, will have visitation rights, in an agreement with her and Jackson's attorneys, according to

Londell McMilan, attorney of Katherine Jackson, states that the agreement was not a "money deal," but simply in the best interest of the children. He believes that the children could not be in better hands.**

An official hearing for the custody of late star's children is scheduled for August 3rd. The mother of Jackson's youngest child, Prince Michael II (7), is unknown.


Rihanna, Katy Perry...and Lollipops

Right now, I'm speechless...but if you're wondering why Rihanna and Katy Perry are "partying" together, go to the "Possibly related posts" section (below this article) and click on the title, "Rihanna & Katy Perry party in NYC."


Tony Romo bans Simpson from his estate

Was Simpson too clingy? Were her family and weight issues too much to handle? The world may never know, but according to, Tony Romo has banned Jessica Simpson from his Dallas home, after breaking-up with the pop star only 2 weeks prior.


Simpson has removed her belongings from Romo's estate, and was forced to cancel her "Barbie & Ken" party---an unwanted surprise on the day before her 29th birthday.



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Jon & Kate" Receives Zero Emmy Nominations

Bloggers and fans were surprised when "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was not nominated for an Emmy, this year. The evening the nominations were announced was a "Jon & Kate Nite," nonetheless, in which more than 10 million viewers tuned-in to watch, according to

While nominations for "Best Reality Program" were received by "Dirty Jobs," "Intervention," "Myth Busters," "Antiques Roadshow," "Dog Whisperer," and "My Life on the D-List," some of Jon & Kate's fanbase felt that their voices weren't heard, since the Emmys are heavily based on popularity.**

In my opinion, I'm glad the show wasn't nominated. Not because of a dislike towards Jon or Kate, but because the Gosselin family has received enough scrutiny. Let the parents cope with their losses and focus on the future of the 8.


Ciara: Better than Cassie, but not a Rihanna

Ok, I'm not 'gonna lie...Ciara looks hott!

She's already gracing the covers of magazines with her new 'do, but take a wild guess of whom she got the idea from??


Twitter could get you sued....

Amanda Bonnen, a resident of Chicago, decided to express her frustrations on Twitter, like many users do. She tweeted a great disapproval of her landlord and their management system, and did not think that anything could stem from it. Horizon Group Managment, however, the company that manages Bonnen's and 1,500 other apartments in Chicago, sued Bonnen on defamation charges at the Cook County Circuit Court on July 27th, according to

Horizon Group claims that Bonnen used the Twitter username @abonnen to "maliciously and wrongfully" defame the company, and that they are a "sue first, ask questions later kind of organization."**

Bonnen was not asked to remove the tweet, but could be sued an estimated $50,000 for its contents. The result has yet to be ruled.

Beyonce's NEW Sasha Fierce/Dereon ad

This is Beyonce's new promotional ad for the "Sasha Fierce is Dereon" collection.

She looks like she's having a ball, and with the worldwide "I Am" tour still in progress, this'll mean nothing but big bucks!!


Rihanna & Katy Perry party in NYC

Katy Perry (my second favorite pop-artist, after Rihanna) held a concert in NYC on July 28, hosted by the Trump family. Rihanna, of course, was in attendance and joined Katy Perry at an after-party at Club Griffin.

I never knew Rihanna and Katy Perry were good friends, but wouldn't be awesome if they made a song together?? ...I should request it :-)

Sourced via Celebrity-Gossip

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rihanna & Chris Brown in NY

During the weekend of July 24th, Rihanna and Chris Brown were at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York...but stayed in separate rooms.

As soon as media heard of the coincidental stay, rumors arose that the estranged couple were seeking a reunion.

Rihanna's rep, nonetheless, has denied the rumors, stating that she's stayed there before, and so have thousands of other stars.**


iTablet: Apple's answer to the Kindle

You already have a device that plays movies and games on-the-go, right? Well, what if you were able to buy albums with videos, music, and artist's notes, straight from your device??

Apple has, yet again, answered the cry of all anxious tech-geeks. The "iTablet," with solely touch-screen capability and WiFi, is said to do all of the above and will defeat any competition with the Amazon Kindle, according to

The "iTablet" is reportedly branching from the iPod line, in which 70% of the North American market has consumed, but is now on the decline.**

Some say that this is the intermediate step between the iPod and the Mac, but no one will no for sure, until the iTablet's release in 2010.**



Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rihanna & Jay-Z spend $15,000 on bottles

Rihanna ran-up a $15,000 bar bill with Jay-Z during their recent stay in London.

Jay-Z ensures that he and Rihanna's entourages enjoyed countless bottles, while partying in V.I.P. lounges, throughout the week.

The bottles were bringing the parties together, according to, and were not for the two artists, alone.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Nas loses big in Child-Support case

Kelis will be awarded $40,000 per month, after claiming that Nas wasn't up-to-date on child-support payments. Kelis gave birth to Nas' son, Knight, earlier this week, while missing a court appearance to have her child.

Kelis asked for $3,500 for a child nurse, in addition to $20,000 for the child's necessities. Nas asked to pay $5,000 a month, but this request, of course, was denied.

According to BBC's Official Website, Nas will also pay for prenatal and medical expenses, and finance Kelis' attorney's fees, which amount to $45,000.


Rihanna at Brad Pitt's premiere

After partying with Jay-Z and running into Pharrell, Rihanna makes a statement in London at the premiere of Brad Pitt's new film, Inglorious Basterds.

May I just add: God, I love this woman!



Kate Gosselin removes her wedding band

Kate Gosselin is showing her first steps towards moving on. A photo (to the left) was taken of Kate on July 24th during a daily coffee run, but without one familiarity: she's not wearing her wedding band. As of last month, Kate told People that the removal of her ring was something that she wasn't ready for, mainly for the sake of her kids.

While Jon's mingling with women in Saint-Tropez and New York, Kate's indulging much her time with the kids. In all fairness, Jon and Kate did agree to raise the children, separately, in their Wernersville's home, but have found separate living arrangements in New York (for Jon) and elsewhere in Pennsylvania (for Kate).

According to, Kate's premiering a happier look, giving smiles and waves to desperate onlookers.


Thursday, July 23, 2009 bald

Do I need to say anything?? ...Thought not.

Jay-Z denounces his role behind Chris Brown's no-show

Jay-Z was chosen to replace the Beastie Boys at the All Points West festival, after the band cancelled its tour dates, due to Adam Yauch's cancer diagnosis. It is reported that Jay-Z met up with Rihanna, who is currently in London, working on her own album.

As the two partied at a nightclub, Jay-Z answered questions about the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation, stating, "If I have a problem with Chris Brown, I got a problem with Chris Brown. I don't agree with what he did and that's that."**

He went on to denounce the rumors that he is the reason why Brown did not perform at the BET Awards. According to, Jay-Z states, "That's the silliest rumor I ever heard. " He went on to say, "You don't comment on rumors. I was sitting back watching them [that developed the rumor]."**



Premiere of the Moonwalk


I wasn't alive when this happened, but without question, this performance was revolutionary and breathtaking!

Jon & Kate...the Other Kate...and Mike Lohan??

Jon Gosselin is apparently enjoying his single life. Once seen with Hailey Glassman in Saint-Tropez, Jon's spent his last two outings with Kate Major (a tabloid reporter), one of which he met up with Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, in the Hamptons.

Gosselin and Major are good friends with Lohan, according to, and were welcomed to Lohan's residence because Jon "needed a place to get away."**


Rihanna in London

Doesn't she look nice!! ...Rockin' the new cropped 'do, Rihanna attends a night-club on July 22nd, in London.

**Warning: I'm a Rihanna groupie. Random pics of her will appear, throughout my posts! :-)



Zune vs iPod: a Craig Ferguson analysis


This is an old clip of Ferguson's mock of the Zune release and the future of iPods.

Clinic of MJ's Doctor is Raided in Houston


As long as he's cooperative, I have nothing else to say.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ne-Yo: "I can't write the Chris Brown bash song."

Ne-Yo has written for Rihanna in the past, most paramount is "Unfaithful," a hit from her second album, "A Girl Like Me." He has also written songs for Britney Spears, in the years following her break-up with Kevin Federline.** He admits that some of Spears' frustration landed in his lyrics, but this will not occur in the Rihanna/Chris Brown case.

The "Closer" singer admits to befriending Brown and acknowledges his mistakes, but states that he cannot write the "Chris Brown bash song" because of his relationship with the accused. Ne-Yo believes a bash song is what everyone's expecting and should best be done in an interview or elsewhere.

"It's sad that it took that happening to get the attention it deserves," Ne-Yo told MTV News. "Women get beat up all the time, and nobody says anything about it or chooses to do anything about it. But now that it happened to a celebrity, [it's], 'Let's talk about it on Oprah Winfrey,"** a statement in which many people can agree with.

Ne-Yo went on to tell MTV News, "I'm not gonna turn my back on a person I call my friend because he made a mistake. [So] I can't write the Chris Brown bash song and then turn around and look myself in the mirror."

The singer/songwriter has already written tracks for Rihanna's upcoming album, whose release date is unknown.


MJ: The Movie, in Theaters October 30th??

In reference to, my article, "MJ: The Movie," held some errors. Sony does not currently own the recorded rehearsals of Jackson's "This Is It" tour. In fact, AEG Entertainment, sponsor of Jackson's concerts in London, owns the film and Sony has offered around $60 million for the footage.

According to Variety, which first reported the film's release date, the movie will also include three videos, including an alternative version of "Thriller," which was to be shown in 3D throughout Jackson's concerts.

In a deal (still to be finalized), the Jackson estate will receive 90% of the funds after AEG regains its loss from the tour.** As stated in the "MJ: The Movie" article, the footage was originally set for immediate DVD/Blu-ray release, but its competition amongst other production companies has brought the footage to the big screen.



Kelis misses court, in labor with Nas' son

Hip-hop's mini-power couple, Kelis and Nas, divorced in April 2009, in a surprise to many people. Both were scheduled to appear in court on July 21st to discuss child-support payments, but Kelis failed to attend because she was giving birth to the child in question.

It is reported that Nas rushed to Kelis' side, in New York, and that the court date will be rescheduled.

Kelis filed child-support paperwork earlier this year, and states that Nas has not been up-to-date with his payments.**


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Blueprint 3: Jay-Z's All-Star Affair

Rihanna, Kid Cudi, MGMT, Drake, and Mr. Hudson are said to co-star on Jay-Z's next album, "The Blueprint 3." The album's first single, "Run This Town," will feature Rihanna and Kanye West and is said to hit airwaves this Friday, July 24th, according to the Hot 106 website (which later removed the announcement for unknown reasons).

"The Blueprint 3" will be released on September 11th, and to avoid leaks, Jay-Z will personally deliver the album to his label, Atlantic Records.**


Cassie + shaved hair = Backfire

Everyone thinks that because Rihanna cut her hair and it looks amazingly good, that they can cut their's and it'll look the same. ...No!

Cassie stills has a pretty face, but the half-shaved, half-long-haired look is not going well, for her.

It is true, nonetheless, that Rihanna's recent cut came after Cassie's half-shaved head, but Rihanna did start the which Cassie forgot to take gradual steps. To make a long story short: I can't wait 'til it grows back :-)

Chris Brown apologizes


It's what we've all been waiting for...and he mentioned Rihanna's name.

...Do you think it's sincere, or is he reading from a cue card??

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beastie Boys' bandmate has Cancer

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys found a cancerous tumor in his left salivary gland and will need surgery, forcing the group to delay an upcoming album and tour.**

"Hot Sauce Committee Part I" was due to be released in mid-September 2009, and Yauch suggests that after the surgery, the album and tour will commence.


245,000+ Views...about a Dead Squirrel


She's really traumatized...I mean, really (and she's hott, too).

Check out Spricket24's Youtube Channel at

MJ: The Movie

You knew this was coming. ...The triumph and tradegy of Michael Jackson is in an undiscovered race to the big screen.

According to the LA Times, Sony Pictures has offered $50 million to host an MJ film, beating out Universal, Fox and Paramount (who's bids are unknown, but said to be smaller).** Sony has this upper hand because its music department owns Michael Jackson's solo performances, including the 1200+ hours filmed of Jackson's "This Is It" tour's rehearsals.

Some of the rehearsals were filmed in 3D, and were reported to be distributed via DVD and Blu-ray in late 2010. However, with the competition that Sony's commencing, MJ might have a spot in your local theater.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rihanna & Pharrell...Really??

According to, Pharrell Williams and Rihanna were spotted at the same hotel in London around July 18th. Pharrell was reportedly in London first, when Rihanna "flew back" to see him.

Mirror investigators note that the pop stars have obvious "chemistry" and that their relationship is getting "stronger and stronger," both in and out of the studio.

Rihanna's upcoming untitled record is reported as having Pharrell Williams as a producer, but who knows? ...Maybe the two are getting close! Whatever the case is, the records that these two will release shall be nothing less than amazing!!


Beyonce's a God[dess]??


Apparently, it's ok for Beyonce to profit off of a Destiny Child's song by singing it solo on tour. Nonetheless, a male fan almost fainted as Beyonce interacted with him, before performing "Say My Name."

This is too funny! ...I didn't know Beyonce could be so commanding!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Madonna's stage crashes, Kills Employee


Construction for a Madonna concert goes terribly wrong, when the stage collapses on workers, leaving 1 dead and others severely injured. The show, which was to be held in France, is now cancelled.

Hott Girls get Views...Regardless


This really hott girl, by the name of Kandee Johnson, is holding her second segment of "What's in My Purse," and as of July 17th at 1 a.m., this video has 34,442 views.

Now, if this was some random chick, she'd probably get 2 views, simply because someone clicked the video by mistake. Kandee, however, a professional make-up artist, gets over 30,000 for pulling things out of her bag.

I'm not hatin'...I'm sure the girl is very interesting...but it shows that if you're hott and/or have money, you can do whatever you want and people will be entertained (take Lil' Wayne, for example).  :-)

Rihanna cuts her hair...again!

Rihanna is snapped while leaving Da Silvano, a restaurant in New York City, while sporting an eye-catching new hair-do. It seems that she's shave the sides and left a long, feathered bang. ...Gorgeous, of course, on the pop star, but I couldn't pull that off.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tony Romo splits a day before Simpson's birthday

How dare you break-up with a girl ONE DAY BEFORE her BIRTHDAY?? ...In all fairness, a wise woman once told me, "There's no good time to break-up with a woman," and this surely proves it.

Tony Romo ended his relationship with Jessica Simpson, only hours before her 29th birthday on July 10th. There were reported rumors that Simpson was devasted by her ex's, John Mayer, relationship with Jennifer Aniston (which also ended). Romo also backed Simpson as bloggers highly disapproved of the pop star's weight gain.

Reporters suggest, nonetheless, that the two stars were simply too busy for each other. Romo continues his career as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, while Jessica's promoting her country album and is starting her own show, "The Price of Beauty."

The two had spent the past week and a half separately, but Jessica remains to be "sad, mad and confused."


Brüno's a Terroristic Threat??

Sasha Baron Cohen goes to extreme lengths to get his comedy across...that's what made him famous. Unsurprisingly, however, Cohen has upset another party--this time, a Palestinian group on the U.S. government's terrorist list**--due to their unwanted spotlight in his movie "Brüno," released July 10th.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the Palestinian group in question, stated to that they have the right to react to Cohen in any way they deem appropriate.** Aaron Klein, a representative of WorldNet, told ABC News that he was unsure of the statement's validity, but that the government should handle this with care.

Sasha Baron Cohen has yet to comment.


Awww...Sarah Michelle Gellar is Pregnant

Remember Sarah Michelle Gellar from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?? She played the lead character in "The Grudge"?? Also stared in the big-screen versions of Scooby-Doo?? ...Thought so!

The actor that played Freddy in Scooby-Doo, Freddie Prinze Jr., has been married to Gellar for quite some time, and the two are expecting their first child in Fall 2009.


Chris Brown & Amber Rose...again!

This might've been taken the day before they were seen partying (See more in the "Chris Brown" category), but, nonetheless, the two look...cheerful :-)

Rihanna's "Rated R" Arrival

According to, the above photo might be the cover of Rihanna's upcoming album. Reports state that a mature Rihanna will emerge from the new disc, with help of the likes of Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, SouljaBoy, and Ryan Tedder (the lead singer of OneRepublic).

The photo could be the work of the fan, suggesting an anxiously-awaited arrival for Rihanna's new sound.

**Update: Turns out that this is not the cover of Rihanna's new album, but the fan did a really good job :)


Kate Gosselin Moves Out

In an agreement with Jon to raise the kids separately, Kate Gosselin reportedly moved out of her home on July 16th. Jon previously owned an apartment in New York, while Kate found another home in Pennsylvania.

The two agreed to use the house in "Jon & Kate Plus 8" (Wernersville, Pa), as the location where the kids will be raised.


ABC News claims Proof of MJ's drug use and Vitiligo

Dr. Debra Jaliman, spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology, told ABC News that Michael Jackson's right leg had a huge black, acidic mark, possibly left by an IV that leaked into his body. Jaliman noted this after reviewing exclusive photos discovered by ABC News in 2002, in which she discovered multiple puncture points on Jackson's skin.

The pictures also detail brown spots scattered across Jackson's legs, suggesting that his "Vitiligo scenario" was true.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chris Brown feat. Teyana Taylor - "I'm Illy"


I gotta say...despite his controversy, I loveeee this f*ckin' song!!!

...You're still my fav, Rihanna :-)

I Have a Republican Dream??

The Raging Elephants, a black conservative group in Houston, created the billboard (pictured above), suggesting that Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican. As of July 10th, influential black leaders in Houston protested the work, calling it "deceitful" and a "lie," in hopes of destroying the advertisement.**

Dr. King's niece, Alveda King, has long noted her uncle as a Republican, while King's son continues to suggest that his father resented the Republican party.


Chris Brown and Omarion shirtless...Enough said

I don't know why Chris Brown (right), Teyana Taylor (center), and reportedly Omarion (left) are posing half-naked, but why not enjoy this?!

Swine Flu closes a Google Office in India

A Google office in Hyderabad, India, was closed from July 13th to July 14th, after a worker tested positive for the swine flu. The office was sanitized throughout the two days, but the office's hub, in another part of Hyderabad, proceeded as normal.**

According to the Associated Press, K. Subhakar, an official of the Swine Flu Nodal Center, stated that the infected worker spread the illness to 6 other employees. The statuses of these individuals is unknown.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Diddy behind Chris Brown, Not Rihanna

Some say that P.Diddy has "snubbed" Rihanna by "siding" with Chris Brown. In all fairness, despite Brown's guilty plea in assaulting the Grammy-winner, Brown needs supports, as well. He has stated that he is seeking counseling and P. Diddy might be his outlet back into the limelight.

Maybe Diddy's counseling Brown behind closed doors, while showing his "fun" side before his sentence is served. Besides, if Brown wanted someone powerful to back him, P. Diddy's not a bad choice.

The truth behind the matter may never be revealed...unless Diddy makes a statement (unlike his vague excuse on Ellen's show).


Apple makes $1.5 billion thru App Store

When the iPhone first came on the scene, I thought, "Wow, this is something I can't afford"...but even Apple has succumb to the recent recession. Nonetheless, Apple zealots continue to flock to the smartphone, making it the most demanded smartphone in North America. With this phone comes, of course, the ability to buy applications and, according to Apple, the iTunes App Store has made more than $1.5 billion in one year.

Apple sold its one billionth app in April 2009 and with 100,000 plus developers, it is sure to surpass two billion before the end of 2009.**


Let his head drop, Not your's....

"It's like he disappeared."
That's something I'd expect to hear from
but hearing it from my former comrades
is hard....
Knowing that we're grown women and men
and people still treat us like high school hopefuls
is disgusting

All the advice in the world
doesn't prepare you for
a heart that wasn't supposed to break
It's like...I gave them
99% percent of me
and I'm left with

Didn't mean to give you my all
but seemed like you were
giving me your's I gave in
fell in a trap
and you sprung free
...Now I gotta rebuild
from the 1% I was left with
...[You] don't know you have that 99%
but something 'bout you changed to
not want me

remind me that
me went on
but it didn't leave me behind
...forced me to move forward

Countless tears won't bring your sympathy
so let me shed them for closure
so I can forget bout you
...Time to
build a life around not clinging to someone
who doesn't clung to me

...My goal of getting that paper was slightly
deferred by you
and now
I'm only getting it faster
...Not saying that money'll love me
but suckas like you
that don't give a fuck
won't stop my roll

The role of life only gets bigger
I got my part
yet you don't know what a stage looks like

As I walk onstage to win my Oscar
I hope you're the paparazzi
standing outside
I hope you're the one I give a finger to
as I walk to my limousine
and drive off into the life of
the real
the success
the blessed
the good

Hearing my girl say
"It's like he disappeared"
is heart wreching
but I advised her to
get up and get gone
...He had no problem
doing it
without voice
...Pour them tears
Dry your face
Get back to your day-job;

Your job is to make sure you can provide for you
before any dick can provide your pleasure

...Make his head SCREAM
Don't ever let your's fall

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chris Brown has a new beau

Remember Teyana Taylor?? The bitchy teen from MTV's "Sweet 16"?? Had the semi-hot single, "Google Me, Baby"?? Not really...but apparently Chris Brown has taken a liking to her, and even invited her to P.Diddy's "Malaria No More" event on July 4th. The two were recently spotted at a baseball game in late June, not long after Brown received his sentence of 5 years probation and 6 months of community service for assaulting Rihanna.

Some go as far as calling Taylor a "Rihanna look-a-like," but I see no resemblance. ...Maybe because I'm a Rihanna groupie and believe that no one else can compare, but I'll let you be the judge.

I mean, do you think that Taylor looks like this:



Dick Cheney behind Concealment of Anti-Terrorist Program

September 11, 2001...enough said. Therefore, it wouldn't surprise Americans if there was a government agency set-up to protect citizens from terrorist threats. I mean, I would hope that some type of program, besides war, was developed to prevent another attack and/or instruct citizens on how to combat such a threat, if another were to occur.

First noted by the New York Times, former Vice President Dick Cheney ordered the CIA not to inform Congress of such a program, which was immediately developed after September 11th. On June 23rd of this year, Leon E. Panetta, the CIA's newly elected leader, closed the secret program only hours after knowing of its existence. On June 24th, Panetta held separate sessions with Congress and the CIA to learn more of the matter.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, has claimed the ignorance of the CIA since May 2009, stating that no one told Congress about its waterboarding techniques in 2002.

It is the president's job, however, that the CIA informs Congress of its activities, leaving politicians--and Americans, in general--to wonder what the Bush administration's take on this was and why the was concealed. Some suggest that the program was highly prioritized and not fully developed, but not informing Congress of the program's status is against the law and may be investigated fairly soon.


Jay-Z, Kanye and SouljaBoy on Rihanna's new album

Rihanna is making sure we forget Chris Brown's name.

Reports detail the Grammy-winner is collaborating with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, SouljaBoy and more, on her comeback disc. The work is to be more rock-influenced than her multi-platinum CD, "Good Girl Gone Bad," but sources note this as a more mature sound for Rihanna. According to, Rihanna is overlooking all aspects of the project, so that her current and new fans won't be disappointed.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Born into a Chrome OS reality??

So, the Internet is this big "cloud" that brings together messages and files from across the world and condenses them into your browser, emal or text, right? Sounds swell, but how would you like this same cloud to run your entire computer? ...Well, Google has answered this question by introducing Chrome OS, a web-based operating system that will include all the Google services that everyone has known and loved.

Sounds like a hot buy, right? ...Not if everyone is Windows prone and not if Chrome OS is only available for Netbooks (the downgrade on Notebooks). I mean, sure, some manufacturers will give Chrome OS a shot, but if Windows is the monopoly OS, how will Chrome OS survive?

According to, the new computer generation is gearing towards "cloud computing," anyways. In this era, there will be no more heavy downloads, no more configuring programs, and no more upgrading...of any sort. ...As long as your device has a browser--whether it be on a cell phone or a laptop--you will have access to all of your files, wherever you go.

Hotmail and MySpace were some of the first services to launch "cloud computing," which introduced some of the fastest-growing online services today, like Google (mobile), Facebook and Twitter. Apple's iPhone and Android's G1 are two of today's cellular devices that are closest to being an actual computer, but Chrome OS will be the first attempt of a web-based operating system ran on a computer.

Whether Chrome OS succeeds or fails if not the issue, according to the New York Times. However, it is the idea that accessibility to our most significant files will be the easiest it has been in all of history. ...Windows may not have anything to worry about now, or in the next couple of years, but as children are born into a "Chrome OS reality," there will be no need for the upgrades of the past.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Had me at "Hello"?? ...No.

Dude ever had you at "Hello"?
Strong statement, isn't it?
...From the moment he opened his mouth,
you were sold?
That sort've inconceivable
I mean, you most likely knew nothing bout the man
His highlights
His faults
His triumphs
His failures
Whether he likes Pepsi or Coke
As dumb as that sounds
it's often the little things
that win a man's heart

Females forget that
in addition to the pussy
...if you come home
set the TV to his favorite channel
cook his favorite meal
organize his messy files
and lay out his favorite off-of-work outfit
all BEFORE he walks in the door
...yall will be fucking a night

Take the time to know his pet peeves
and don't do them long as they're not hindering you
you've now bettered life for him and yourself

If you're with a man
your should have your life in order
you're standing your ground
he knows that
and now it's time to put someone before yourself
Your God is already on high
so a man above you
is not unprioritized
because he's put you before himself
way before you recognized
the little things

When he first said "Hi"
you were hooked on the little things, it's something you know
and adhere in your life
you're not doing it to keep him
you're doing it to better him
and your relationship with God

God made him the way he is
...You recognizing what God has done
is only bringing you closer to his castle

Friday, July 10, 2009

He told the truth: MJ had Vitiligo

Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson's former dermatologist, suggests that the late artist's condition was so bad that bleaching his entire body was the only option. Klein states that patches of white skin appeared on his hands and face via vitiligo--a condition that destroys pigment producing cells, causing an irregular, uneven skin tone--and had to consider a severe form of treatment, in order for Jackson to perform.

Klein suggests that certain chemical creams gave Jackson's pigment a lighter tone, so that the patches from vitiligo mixed with the creams' results. Prescription drugs, ultraviolet light treatments, and heavy make-up weren't considered in Jackson's case because a temporarily darker skin tone would result.

Jackson bore a completely lighter skin tone from the mid-'90s until his death. Despite his revolutionary physical change, however, Jackson performed as if his skin color didn't matter.