Sunday, July 12, 2009

Born into a Chrome OS reality??

So, the Internet is this big "cloud" that brings together messages and files from across the world and condenses them into your browser, emal or text, right? Sounds swell, but how would you like this same cloud to run your entire computer? ...Well, Google has answered this question by introducing Chrome OS, a web-based operating system that will include all the Google services that everyone has known and loved.

Sounds like a hot buy, right? ...Not if everyone is Windows prone and not if Chrome OS is only available for Netbooks (the downgrade on Notebooks). I mean, sure, some manufacturers will give Chrome OS a shot, but if Windows is the monopoly OS, how will Chrome OS survive?

According to, the new computer generation is gearing towards "cloud computing," anyways. In this era, there will be no more heavy downloads, no more configuring programs, and no more upgrading...of any sort. ...As long as your device has a browser--whether it be on a cell phone or a laptop--you will have access to all of your files, wherever you go.

Hotmail and MySpace were some of the first services to launch "cloud computing," which introduced some of the fastest-growing online services today, like Google (mobile), Facebook and Twitter. Apple's iPhone and Android's G1 are two of today's cellular devices that are closest to being an actual computer, but Chrome OS will be the first attempt of a web-based operating system ran on a computer.

Whether Chrome OS succeeds or fails if not the issue, according to the New York Times. However, it is the idea that accessibility to our most significant files will be the easiest it has been in all of history. ...Windows may not have anything to worry about now, or in the next couple of years, but as children are born into a "Chrome OS reality," there will be no need for the upgrades of the past.

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