Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chrome OS for Dummies

I'm not a Tech-fan. I simply buy new technology because "it looks hot!" That being said, I took interest in an article, titled, "Chrome OS for the clueless: What it means for real people" to try and decifer what an OS is and how it relates to the launch of Chrome OS.

As noted in the headlines, Chrome OS is Windows' new competition (or so they say), and could steal consumers from the Microsoft brand. I, myself, thought the only OS--or system that pulls together a computer's components, to enable its programs' functions--was Windows, and thought Chrome OS as "pretty huge" to drastically "scare" the monopoly OS. However, Google's launch of Chrome OS is only for Netbook computers, as of now, and won't expand to larger laptops unless the initial launch is a success.

According to the article, Rafe Needleman (the author) states that Netbooks are smaller versions of Notebooks, and are generally used as secondary computers to consumers with larger laptops. Since Windows is the monopoly OS for Netbooks (as well as most other computers), it'd be hard for consumers to buy Chrome OS because Windows is "all they know."

However, one of Google's main advantages--besides the fact that Chrome OS will contain "everything Google," in which "everything Google" is wildly popular--is the fact that Chrome OS is cheap. Sounds like a great idea...but with Microsoft's Bing on the rise, Chrome's web-based system may not give Windows a run for its money.

Nonetheless, Google zealots will buy the new OS, when it hits stores in 2010, but computer consumers are aware that Chrome OS is a novice. It will take time to match Windows' popularity and efficiency, but with the name "Google" backing it, it is not destined to fail.


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