Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jay-Z denounces his role behind Chris Brown's no-show

Jay-Z was chosen to replace the Beastie Boys at the All Points West festival, after the band cancelled its tour dates, due to Adam Yauch's cancer diagnosis. It is reported that Jay-Z met up with Rihanna, who is currently in London, working on her own album.

As the two partied at a nightclub, Jay-Z answered questions about the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation, stating, "If I have a problem with Chris Brown, I got a problem with Chris Brown. I don't agree with what he did and that's that."**

He went on to denounce the rumors that he is the reason why Brown did not perform at the BET Awards. According to, Jay-Z states, "That's the silliest rumor I ever heard. " He went on to say, "You don't comment on rumors. I was sitting back watching them [that developed the rumor]."**



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