Monday, December 26, 2011

WATCH DJ Earworm's mashup of the top 25 hits of 2011 (video)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jennifer Hudson duets w/ herself in new Weight Watchers ad (video)

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Megaupload enlists, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian & more for latest ad (video)

SIDE NOTE: I don't know why Megaupload felt the need to do this advertisement and/or why they enlisted so many celebrities for the project, but I like it. The song is catchy as hell! And Macy Gray is in it. When's the last time you heard her voice on a single?!

Go Megaupload!

Friday, December 23, 2011

(Not-So-New) Music VIDEO!: Lana Del Rey in 'Born To Die'

The other day, I revealed my new found obsession of new artist Lana Del Rey. I sung praises of her premiere single, "Video Games," and I feel the same of her latest single, "Born To Die." I think it's brave, different, compelling and beautiful. And her deep, soulful voice only adds to the beauty of the song.

The video, directed by Woodkid, speaks volumes in its imagery and production.

Lana Del Rey's debut album, Born To Die, hits stores and digital shelves January 30.

YouTube: Kingsley expresses his loathing of 'Reality Shows about Wives'

Trailer: Charlize Theron & Idris Elba in 'Prometheus,' a 'prequel' to 'Alien'

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Hilary Duff shows a little Christmas spirit by decorating her baby bump (photo)

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Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes & Jim Carrey celebrate a drunk Christmas w/ 'Funny or Die' (video)

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Music VIDEO!: Rihanna in 'You Da One'

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

YouTube: Cat soothes a crying baby (video)

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New MUSIC!: Lana Del Rey in 'Off to the Races'

SIDE NOTE: She's different, isn't she? This one might grow on me, but "Video Games" is my absolute favorite!

Source via Ology 

Behind-the-Scenes: Rihanna in 'You Da One' (video)

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(Not-So-New) Music VIDEO!: Lana Del Rey in 'Video Games'

SIDE NOTE: I'm mad that I'm just finding out about this song and this artist. Lana Del Rey's voice is absolutely beautiful. It's deep, soothing, and, frankly, is something I haven't heard in a while and wasn't expecting. It's sort of like the first time I heard Amy Winehouse's voice. I was a bit taken aback for the first time in years.

I'm definitely going to download her album and see what she's all about. This will probably be the album that I play throughout the holidays and for the next few months.

If you guys haven't checked out Lana Del Rey yet, you definitely should!  :)

CORRECTION: Lana Del Ray's debut album, Born To Die, is due for release January 30. For more information, visit her official website.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cover Art: Nicki Minaj in 'Stupid Hoe'

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Trailer: 'The Dark Knight Rises'

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The Kardashians release a Christmas family portrait (photo)

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nicole Scherzinger WOWs with 'Phantom of the Opera' performance at Royal Variety gala (video)

I am a huge, HUGE fan of The Phantom of the Opera and everything that comes with it. Therefore, when I heard that former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger was asked to sing the part of Christine for a performance of the title song at the Royal Variety gala, I was a bit skeptical. Now, it must be said that Phantom is a musical and not an opera (despite its title), but the idea of someone with her "vocal talents" taking on such a big role really threw me off.

After watching the performance last night, however, let's just say that all of my presumptions of her have been thrown out of the window. She did a fantastic job. Yes, she's no Sierra Boggess, but more soul and power came out of her voice than I would have ever dreamed of. I am so proud of her and from what I've seen from around the blogosphere, she's garnered a multitude of more fans from that performance.

Let me not forget the four outstanding Phantoms that performed alongside her: Ramin Karimloo, John Owen-Jones, Simon Bowman and Earl Carpenter. They were fantastic as always.

Bravo to you all.  :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trailer: Eva Green & Ewan McGregor star as star-crossed lovers in an apocalypse in 'Perfect Sense'

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Music Video SMASH!: Lady Gaga in 'Marry the Night'

SIDE NOTE: Talk about a video! That was absolutely wonderful! And people who are not Gaga fans (or somehow don't know who Gaga is) wonder why she's called a genius. LOOK AT THAT!  :D