Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Music VIDEO!: Gorillaz feat. Andre 3000 & James Murphy in 'DoYaThing'

This once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy is the latest of Converse's "Three Artists. One Song" campaign. Two years ago, Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend and Best Coast collaborated on the song "All Summer" for Converse.

Source via The Journey Through Law School

Melanie Fiona performs '4 AM' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (video)

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Captain America, Thor & Iron Man face disastrous odds in new 'Avengers' trailer (video)

Source via The LA Times

Album Art: Chris Brown in 'Fortune'

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chris Brown dances, sings along to Rihanna's 'We Found Love' in club (video)

Did the headline catch your eye? Yes, Chris Brown was seen dancing and singing along to Rihanna's song "We Found Love" in a club in Miami following the NBA All-Star Game Sunday (February 26). The two have sparked rumors of a rekindled friendship and/or possible intimate relationship following their recent collaborations on the full-length version of Rihanna's song "Birthday Cake" and on the remix of Brown's song "Turn Up the Music."

Gossip: Did Natalie Portman secretly wed? (video)

SIDE NOTE: I usually don't feed into this kind of stuff, but I adore Natalie Portman and the whole idea of her being a mother and engaged (or married) is just so awesome...I don't know how else to say it.  :)

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Katy Perry covers 'Interview' (photo)

Photo via Q102

Jennifer Lopez brings 'va-va-voom' to 2012 Oscars red carpet (photos)

Beyoncé & baby Blue Ivy take a walk in the city (photos)

Nicki Minaj performs 'Moment 4 Life,' 'Super Bass' & More at 2012 NBA All-Star Game (video)

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

New MUSIC!: Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne in 'Roman Reloaded'

SIDE NOTE: Many of Nicki Minaj's songs are "hot," but there are a very few that I can literally "chill" too because she's so animated most of the time. I feel like I can hang back and just let this song play while I'm going on with my day. I love it!

Photo via Allure
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Music VIDEO!: Paris Hilton in 'Drunk Text'

SIDE NOTE: I think I lost brain cells while watching this. The funny thing is is that "story" probably has some truth to it. LMAO. Oh, Paris.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New MUSIC!: B.o.B in 'So Good'

Photo/Source via Neon Limelight

Cover Art: Usher in 'Climax'

To hear the single, click HERE.

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Coldplay performs 'Charlie Brown' at 2012 Brit Awards (video)

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Rihanna performs 'We Found Love' at 2012 Brit Awards (video)

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Adele performs 'Rolling in the Deep' at 2012 Brit Awards (video)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

YouTube: Asia Star reacts to Chris Brown/Rihanna backlash

SIDE NOTE: Thank you, thank you!

To see what all of the fuss is about, click HERE and HERE.

Monday, February 20, 2012

MUST HEAR!: Chris Brown feat. Rihanna in 'Turn Up the Music (Remix)'

To hear Rihanna's anxiously awaited "Birthday Cake" remix featuring Chris Brown, click HERE.

SIDE NOTE: Despite their history together and its severity, one has to admit that they do make great music together. Let the backlash begin!

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MUST HEAR!: Rihanna feat. Chris Brown in 'Birthday Cake (Remix)'

SIDE NOTE: As much as I'm against them collaborating again, my insides are screaming "YES!!!" Good work, but I'm sure this isn't boding well with all of Rihanna or Chris' fans. We shall see on the blogosphere in the morning...or in a few seconds.  =/

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Robin Thicke covers Whitney Houston's 'Exhale' (audio)

SIDE NOTE: My crush on Mr. Thicke just grew by a tenfold. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful cover. He did Whitney proud.  :)

Photo via Bossip
Audio via That Grape Juice

Prince, LL Cool J, Nicki Minaj, Brad & Angelina & More visit baby Blue Ivy in 'SNL' skit (video)

Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston's costar in 'The Bodyguard,' gives powerful eulogy at late star's funeral (video)

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Brandy & Monica perform 'It All Belongs to Me' on 'Leno' (video)

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Music VIDEO!: Chris Brown in 'Turn Up the Music'

SIDE NOTE: I feel like this video was MJ meets Ke$ha, if that makes any sense, but it was DOPE, nonetheless. It reminds me of some of his old music. Go, Breezy!

To hear the remix featuring Rihanna, click HERE.

Source via Hollywood Life

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Report: Chris Brown to be featured on Rihanna's 'Birthday Cake' single

Billboard reports that the artist to be featured on the full-length version of Rihanna's anxiously anticipated single "Birthday Cake" is none other than Chris Brown. Yes, you read that right, CHRIS BROWN.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New MUSIC!: Usher in 'Climax'

Photo via
Source via That Grape Juice

Nicki Minaj named 'Notorious K.I.N.G' in February/March 2012 'Vibe' (cover photo)

SIDE NOTE: I'm sure this'll spark some controversy.  **clears throat**

Photo via That Grape Juice

New MUSIC!: Nicki Minaj in 'Starships'

SIDE NOTE: This is a true palate cleanser after watching her beyond scary "Roman Holiday" performance at the Grammys Sunday. I loveeee it!

Source via Idolator

Lana Del Rey performs 'Video Games' on "Jimmy Kimmel Live' (video)

SIDE NOTE: I told you guys she would get better with time. I told you! I love me some Lana (lol)!

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Adele is glamorous yet sexy on March 2012 cover of 'Vogue' (photo)

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MUST SEE!: Google's Valentine's Day doodle (video)

SIDE NOTE: I loved this, especially with the message of marriage equality towards the end. It was fantastic!  :D

Monday, February 13, 2012

(Not-So-New) MUSIC!: Paul McCartney in 'My Valentine'

SIDE NOTE: I heard Mr. McCartney perform this song at the Grammys last night and I fell in love with it. GO ME for liking my first Paul McCartney song (lol)!

Rihanna shows off her glamorous side at the 54th annual Grammys (photos)

Rihanna & Katy Perry share a few 'cute' moments at 54th annual Grammys (photos)

Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, David Guetta, The Foo Fighters & Deadmau5 go head-to-head in dance mashup at 54th annual Grammys (video)

Source via Just Jared

Nicki Minaj performs 'Roman Holiday' at 54th annual Grammys (video)

SIDE NOTE: This performance scared the crap out of me. The entire time I was watching it, I was just staring at the screen with my mouth open. I was so dumbfounded. I get the point she was trying to make with the exorcism of Roman, who's absolutely crazy, but I think she just went overboard and everything just came off as...weird.

Anyways, I giver her an A for effort and...her dress was pretty.  :D

Source via Just Jared

Katy Perry performs 'Part of Me' at 54th annual Grammys (video)

Adele gives OUTSTANDING performance of 'Rolling in the Deep' at 54th annual Grammys (video)

Source via National Post

Rihanna & Coldplay perform 'Princess of China,' perform solo at 54th annual Grammys (video)

Source via Neon Limelight

Chris Brown performs 'Turn Up the Music' & 'Beautiful People' at 54th annual Grammys (video)

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Bruno Mars performs 'Runaway Baby' at the 54th annual Grammys (video)

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Jennifer Hudson pays tribute to Whitney Houston, sings 'I Will Always Love You' at 54th annual Grammys (video)

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston, singer, dead at 48

In news that has utterly shocked the music world to its core, legendary pop singer Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel room in Beverly Hills Saturday afternoon. She was 48.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Beyoncé reveals first photos of baby Blue Ivy Carter (photos)

Music VIDEO!: Jay-Z & Kanye West in 'Ni**as in Paris'

Source via Kanye West VEVO

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beyoncé stuns AGAIN in second public appearance since giving birth in NY (photo)

To see her first show-stopping appearance in New York, click HERE.

Photo via Beyoncé Online

Lady Gaga reveals 'The Born This Way Ball' tour poster (photo)

Photo via Lady Gaga

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trailer: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone star in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3D' (video)

Source via Just Jared

Lady Gaga reveals blueprint for 'The Born This Way Ball' stage (photo)

Photo via Lady Gaga

Beyoncé WOWs in first public appearance since giving birth in NY (photo)

FYI: She was attending husband Jay-Z's first of two shows at Carnegie Hall supporting the United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation (February 6). Doesn't she look fabulous?! And to think she only gave birth to baby Blue Ivy one month ago. Wow. Work it, mommy!

Photo via Beyoncé Online

Monday, February 6, 2012

Trailer: Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson & More save the world in 'The Avengers' Super Bowl spot (video)

Bud Light drinker adopts dog named 'We Go' in Super Bowl ad (video)

M&Ms party in the buff, dance to LMFAO in Super Bowl ad (video)

Music VIDEO!: M.I.A. in 'Bad Girlz'

Source via Kanye West

New MUSIC!: Brandy & Monica in 'It All Belongs to Me'

Photos/Source via The Brandy Blog

Music VIDEO!: Coldplay in 'Charlie Brown'

Source via Pop Crush

Madonna WOWs Super Bowl crowd w/ M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, LMFAO & Cee-Lo Green (video)

Source via Nicki Minaj

Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green & Blake Shelton fight for unknown soprano in 'The Voice' Super Bowl ad (video)

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New MUSIC!: Amber Rose in 'Loaded'

Photo/Source via Neon Limelight

Music VIDEO!: Madonna feat. M.I.A. & Nicki Minaj in 'Give Me All Your Lovin'

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lana Del Rey performs 'Video Games' on 'Letterman' (video)

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

YouTube: Asia Star speaks on 'Sh*t Philly Girls Say'