Thursday, February 2, 2012

YouTube: Asia Star speaks on 'Sh*t Philly Girls Say'

SIDE NOTE: I'm not from Philly, but I've lived here for the past six years and though it may seem that some of the things they're saying and doing in the video are over-exaggerated, some girls in Philly really do speak and act like this. I must make myself clear that not every female that lives and/or is from Philly is an exact replica of the characters in this video, but they hit on a lot of things and it just goes to show that some girls really go to extreme lengths to get attention and/or be heard and I'm sure this could be said about males and females across the nation.

But on a non-serious note, the video is hilarious. If you don't act like this, you at least know someone who does and/or who acts highly similar. This is a great addition to the current "Sh*t ___ Say(s)" trend that's floating around the blogosphere.

Good job, Asia and company!  :D

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