Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kanye West no longer asks the cast of 'SNL' to 'kiss [his] asshole' (photos)

Apparently, Mr. West said a few "naughty" things about SNL in the remix to his single Power; (listen to it HERE). All seems to be well, though, as he autographed these photos (above) for the cast.

 Kanye is scheduled to perform on the show this Saturday. 

Photos/Source via Rap-Up

Music Video: Eminem & Lil' Wayne in 'No Love'

Celebrity Quote of the Day: 50 Cent on Sex

If you [are] a man and you [are] over 25 and you don't eat pu**y, just kill yourself, dammit. The world will be a better place [he laughs].

Ok, ok, I really want a blow job, damn [he laughs]. What's wrong with that? Just give me a little licky, licky. Look, I'm a good person [and] I don't ask for much. I deserve a little oral bobbing on my ball sack. I do everything better when I'm relaxed....

-- 50 Cent jokingly tweeting on what men and women should be doing sexually and why

Source via The Huffington Post
Photo via QWTJ Live

Photo: Who's THAT Girl??


Photo: Lea Michele bares all in 'Marie Claire' UK

Did Chris Brown steal someone else's beat for 'Yeah 3x'??

I'm not 100 percent convinced, but some words have been said by Harris and fans of both parties have taken sides.

I will report more as more details come to light.

Movie Trailer: 'I Spit On Your Grave'

Album Preview: Rihanna in 'LOUD!'

The people behind the fabulous entertainment blog were invited to an exclusive listening party for Rihanna's forthcoming studio album LOUD! by chairman/CEO of Island Def Jam L.A. Reid in New York Wednesday.

The bloggers were thrilled about Rihanna's new work and suggested that this album will be her best yet!

Here's a track-by-track breakdown of what JustJared had to say:

New MUSIC!: Keri Hilson in 'Pretty Girl Rock' (live audio & cover art)

Photo via Rap-Up

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo: Snooki hangs out with Kim, Kourtney & Khloe (Kardashian)

Seal & Heidi Klum GET IT IN!! in "Secret' (video & photos)

(Click READ MORE to see naughty video stills!)

Mariah Carey is in a wheelchair?? (photos)

What happened to MiMi?

It has not been reported why she is being escorted in such a manner, but Mariah did fall on-stage at a concert in Singapore a few days prior and is rumored to be pregnant with husband Nick Cannon (in the photos, Mariah is seen returning from Singapore via LAX airport).

Does the wheelchair have to do with either of these factors (or both)? We shall see....

Photos via That Grape Juice

New MUSIC!: Kanye West in 'Lost In The World' (unfinished version)

Photo via Happy Butt

Photos: Kim Kardashian in leopard & lace....


Photos via The Huffington Post

Music Video: Shakira feat. Dizzee Rascal in 'Loca'

I already loveee the song! The video is simple, but still shows off Shakira's sexiness!

I give it a 4 out of 5. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrity Quote of the Day: Chris Brown on 'Deuces'

I’mma let y’all know a little secret. We got the ‘Deuces’ remix coming.... 'Deuces’ remix features myself, Fabolous, T.I., Drake, Kanye West, and André 3000.
-- Chris Brown via Ustream Monday on the remix of his surprise hit Deuces

Source via Rap-Up
Photo via

Video: Melody Thornton sings Christina Aguilera's 'Hurt'

Album Art: Rihanna in 'Loud'

Music Video: Chris Brown in 'The Matrix (12 Strands)'

Monday, September 27, 2010

PammiePedia reaches 10,000 views!! (video)

Don't mind the still and DON'T MIND the stumbling. I...just...couldn't talk today (lol), but THANK YOU, nonetheless! I love all of my readers and I am truly aware that this blog would be nothing without you guys, so thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

You guys give me hope that (unique) journalism is not dead!

-- iSHiNE♥

More footage of Rihanna on 'What's My Name' set (photos & videos included)

Video: 'Paranormal Activity 2' viral video released!

Demi Moore tweets photo of her & Ashton in bed, defies cheating scandals (photo included)

Katy Perry pokes fun at 'Sesame Street' ban on 'SNL' (video, photos)

Video/Photos via The Huffington Post

New Music FIRE!: Kid Cudi in 'Dangerous' (audio)

Source via Drake
Photo via 23 Bars

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bristol Palin's 'Dancing' partner visits mom Sarah in Alaska (photos)

(L: Mark Ballas; R: Sarah Palin)

(L: Ballas; R: Bristol Palin)

Willow Smith shakes hands w/ Naomi Campell, Kylie Minogue & Vladislav Doronin in Milan (photos)

Rihanna shoots 'What's My Name' (video)

Rihanna plays w/ balls on set of 'Only Girl' (photo)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Promotional Pic: Mariah Carey in 'Merry Christmas II You'

New MUSIC!: Chris Brown in "Yeah 3x" (audio)

Photo via SOHH

New Music FIRE!: Kanye West feat. Rza, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Cyhi The Prynce in 'So Appalled' (audio)

Source/Photo via Kanye West

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo: Rihanna paints the town red (via Hollywood)

Photos: Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore 'defy' cheating scandal, hold hands at Clinton Global Initiative

Photo: Kim Kardashian shows off boobs and braids in Germany

Photo: New 'Idol' judges revealed!

Yes, that is Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. I think the new team is FABULOUS and I hope it works.  =)

Rihanna records Christmas song (snippet)

My Reaction: ....


Photos: Shakira ROCKS Madison Square Garden

Photos via That Grape Juice

New Music FIRE!: Nicki Minaj in 'Right Through Me' (audio)

Photo via Eve Access

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The new 'Harry Potter' trailer looks COMPLETELY BAD ASS!! (video)

New MUSIC!: Diddy feat. Lil' Wayne & Justin Timberlake in 'Shades' (audio)

Source via Rap-Up
Photo via Boxden

New Music FIRE!: Lil' Wayne feat. Drake in 'Gonorrhea' (audio)

Source via Rap-Up
Photo via Hip Hop Chronicle

New MUSIC!: Gucci Mane feat. Pharrell & Nicki Minaj in 'Haterade' (audio)

Source via Rap-Up
Photo via Real Talk NY

New MUSIC!: Travis Barker feat. The Cool Kids in 'Jump Down' (audio)

Source/Photo via Rap-Up

Cover Art: Kanye West in 'Runaway'

To hear the single, please click HERE.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo: Melanie Fiona sizzles in 'Elle Magazine'

Photos: Kim (Kardashian) & Mom Kris hit the town in Milan

Gaga holds rally against 'don't ask, don't tell' in Maine (video)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photo: Bruno Mars' mug shot

For more information on Bruno Mars' arrest on a cocaine charge, please click HERE.

Photo via The Huffington Post

Photos: Nicki Minaj defines sexy in 'Marc Eckō's Complex'