Thursday, September 30, 2010

Did Chris Brown steal someone else's beat for 'Yeah 3x'??

I'm not 100 percent convinced, but some words have been said by Harris and fans of both parties have taken sides.

I will report more as more details come to light.


  1. I hope you aren't thinking about the words ... we are talking the Main tune... there is no way that one person can make a tune that close to someone else's work without having heard it before.

  2. I know you're referring to the beat. Duh!

    I'm not saying he didn't steal it. I'm just saying it's not 100% identical. And if it was stolen, it probably wasn't him that stole it. Chris Brown doesn't make beats. He sings....

  3. I don't think that Chris Brown Stole the beat himself... He probably NEVER heard the song but I am sayin that the producer that did make the beat prolly heard it and liked it and tweaked the instruments to make it their own without asking for permission to use it. I just think that it was wrong to take someone else's idea and mold it and give the person you got it from no credit.

  4. Of course it's wrong, but the industry is never fair. Hopefully, Harris files suit and if not, Chris' camp wins. =/