Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ashton Kutcher's credit card gets denied at movies.... Whoops =/

Ashton Kutcher took wife Demi Moore to the Los Angeles ArcLight theater Sunday for a movie date (said via JustJared, June 15). Being Ashton Kutcher, he does not need cash on him, he has cards (or "card," in this case).

To his and her surprise, however, Ashton's card was denied at the concession stand, but when the manager recognized who he (and his wife) was, he reportedly ran out, apologized, and "gave them everything for free," says a witness via InTouch Weekly and as stated on JustJared.

...Must be nice being so rich and famous that even if your card gets denied, you still get stuff for free. Tisk, tisk.

Photo via Mirror


  1. Hell no! He probably forgot to pay THAT bill (with all the other cards he has). He can pay it off in 2 seconds (lol).

    ...Something was probably wrong with the card. Between the 2 of them, they got enough money to feed every starving child in Africa.

    They're doing just fine =)