Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joseph Jackson talks Katherine, the kids and Debbie Rowe: The 1-year anniversary of Michael's death

I'm not quite sure if this is causing an uproar, but this is what I have to say....

According to Miss Jia (and many other bloggers to date), Joseph Jackson labels estranged wife Katherine an enabler in the life of their son Michael, suggesting that if she had been more of a positive influence in his life--for example, not letting him access such drugs and/or encouraging him to live a healthy life--then he may still be alive.

I find it funny that this video is surfacing close to the exact date of the 1-year anniversary of Michael's death (June 25, 2009), but what I think Joseph was saying was that Michael admired his mother more and if she had added a little encouragement, he may have had a chance of surviving. I do not think he is blaming her. I do not think that he is calling her an enabler, suggesting that she let, or even helped, him have access to drugs and/or that she sat back and did nothing while this was going on.

At the end of his statement about her, he says that "we gone lost our son now." By saying that, he has acknowledged the loss and is dealing with it the way he knows how. He says that he argued with Katherine about her involvement in Michael's life and he claims that she thought she would be interrupting his privacy.

Joseph knows that Michael saw him in a negative light--he knows that his influence may have even cause Michael's downward spiral, of which Michael had reportedly claimed--and had hoped that the only "good" influence in his life could have had the power to save him.

-- iSHiNE

**Note: I KNOW that the video is titled "Joe Jackson blames Katherine for Michael's death." However, this post reflects my opinion(s) on the matter and may (or may not) be in accordance with the publisher's and/or Joe Jackson's beliefs.

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