Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soooo, Lil' Kim doesn't like Nicki Minaj and Drake humps Nicki, 100%

I didn't care for this drama BEFORE, but I do now  ;)

Apparently (or at least according to Lil Kim), Nicki Minaj has "jocked" Kim's style in so many ways and Kim REALLY doesn't like it. Kim called into radio personality Kendra G via Philly's 100.3 The Beat and told us how she really felt about Nicki and her "imitations" (said via Necole Bitchie, June 5).

Listen to the audio below:

At a performance in Hartford, CT, later that night, Drake addressed the Nicki-Kim fiasco on-stage, prior to a performance of "Bedrock," and "declared his love" for Nicki, f!ck what Kim has to say!

Listen to THIS audio below:

I think they're f!ckin'. You can't tell me they're not. And it makes sense that Drake's supporting Nicki and not Kim because Young Money is his crew...and I think Wayne'd be a little pissed if he didn't.

So, there it is. I know Kim said a few things about Nicki before (even Ray J chimed in once or twice), but all of that is not important.

You know the facts. Now it's time to weigh in.

-- iSHiNE♥

UPDATE!: Nicki Minaj and Drake have reportedly wed! For more information, please click HERE.

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