Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caught. red-handed.

I got caught 
Red. fuckin. handed.
Was wrong.
I lied.
So lied.
What did I want?
Something fresh.
Someone who didn’t know it all.
Someone who didn’t know it all.
Someone who was still learning
Like me.
I had it all.
I’ve always had it all.
Felt married.
Too traditional
So I went beyond my means.
I had fun
Not gonna lie
But I got caught.
Now what?
My “friend” is not even my friend
And I’m married again
But I need to be married
‘Cause he accepts me for everything
And these kids just want my cooch now.
The other has feelings 
Butttt knew I could’ve give up what I had.
He even asked if I would
And I said
I miss the freshness.
I want some freshness
But as a wise man once said
‘You go looking for that 20%
that your other doesn’t have
Then you’re left heartbroken
‘cause 80’s a helluva lot more than
I wanted that 20 bad
Found it in 19
And crash and burneddddd
I’ve learned.
My 80 took me back.
I don’t know why
But I’m glad
20 would have let me down
And 80 and I would have been heartbroken.
I’d do anything for that 80
including shedding the 20
I wanted so bad. 

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