Monday, February 13, 2012

Katy Perry performs 'Part of Me' at 54th annual Grammys (video)

SIDE NOTE: As a blogger of celebrity gossip, I feel it is my duty to discover the latest and greatest music. Therefore, when I saw that other bloggers were constantly noting that Katy Perry "debuted" this song last night at the Grammys, I couldn't help but laugh. This song actually surfaced online a little over a year ago and I posted it immediately after it surfaced (click HERE to see the original post). She may have debuted the song to a live audience last night, but to anyone that searches for new music constantly, this song is anything but new. She may have just "debuted" it now because the lyrics fit perfectly with how she could be feeling after her recent divorce from comedian Russell Brand.

However, I must say that the performance was very Katy. I loved it!

Source via Ace Showbiz

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