Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twitter could get you sued....

Amanda Bonnen, a resident of Chicago, decided to express her frustrations on Twitter, like many users do. She tweeted a great disapproval of her landlord and their management system, and did not think that anything could stem from it. Horizon Group Managment, however, the company that manages Bonnen's and 1,500 other apartments in Chicago, sued Bonnen on defamation charges at the Cook County Circuit Court on July 27th, according to

Horizon Group claims that Bonnen used the Twitter username @abonnen to "maliciously and wrongfully" defame the company, and that they are a "sue first, ask questions later kind of organization."**

Bonnen was not asked to remove the tweet, but could be sued an estimated $50,000 for its contents. The result has yet to be ruled.

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