Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tony Romo splits a day before Simpson's birthday

How dare you break-up with a girl ONE DAY BEFORE her BIRTHDAY?? ...In all fairness, a wise woman once told me, "There's no good time to break-up with a woman," and this surely proves it.

Tony Romo ended his relationship with Jessica Simpson, only hours before her 29th birthday on July 10th. There were reported rumors that Simpson was devasted by her ex's, John Mayer, relationship with Jennifer Aniston (which also ended). Romo also backed Simpson as bloggers highly disapproved of the pop star's weight gain.

Reporters suggest, nonetheless, that the two stars were simply too busy for each other. Romo continues his career as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, while Jessica's promoting her country album and is starting her own show, "The Price of Beauty."

The two had spent the past week and a half separately, but Jessica remains to be "sad, mad and confused."


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