Saturday, July 11, 2009

Had me at "Hello"?? ...No.

Dude ever had you at "Hello"?
Strong statement, isn't it?
...From the moment he opened his mouth,
you were sold?
That sort've inconceivable
I mean, you most likely knew nothing bout the man
His highlights
His faults
His triumphs
His failures
Whether he likes Pepsi or Coke
As dumb as that sounds
it's often the little things
that win a man's heart

Females forget that
in addition to the pussy
...if you come home
set the TV to his favorite channel
cook his favorite meal
organize his messy files
and lay out his favorite off-of-work outfit
all BEFORE he walks in the door
...yall will be fucking a night

Take the time to know his pet peeves
and don't do them long as they're not hindering you
you've now bettered life for him and yourself

If you're with a man
your should have your life in order
you're standing your ground
he knows that
and now it's time to put someone before yourself
Your God is already on high
so a man above you
is not unprioritized
because he's put you before himself
way before you recognized
the little things

When he first said "Hi"
you were hooked on the little things, it's something you know
and adhere in your life
you're not doing it to keep him
you're doing it to better him
and your relationship with God

God made him the way he is
...You recognizing what God has done
is only bringing you closer to his castle


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