Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Jon & Kate" Receives Zero Emmy Nominations

Bloggers and fans were surprised when "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was not nominated for an Emmy, this year. The evening the nominations were announced was a "Jon & Kate Nite," nonetheless, in which more than 10 million viewers tuned-in to watch, according to

While nominations for "Best Reality Program" were received by "Dirty Jobs," "Intervention," "Myth Busters," "Antiques Roadshow," "Dog Whisperer," and "My Life on the D-List," some of Jon & Kate's fanbase felt that their voices weren't heard, since the Emmys are heavily based on popularity.**

In my opinion, I'm glad the show wasn't nominated. Not because of a dislike towards Jon or Kate, but because the Gosselin family has received enough scrutiny. Let the parents cope with their losses and focus on the future of the 8.


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