Friday, July 10, 2009

Pope gave Obama a book on Morals...Hmmm?

Apparently, Obama doesn't understand the rationale behind Catholicism's morals. Is that why Pope Benedict XVI gave President Obama "Dignitas Personae," a Vatican booklet, on the subject?? ...Probably not, but the two leaders met on July 10th to discuss America's high abortion rate and stem cell research.

In March, Obama alleviated restrictions on federal funds towards human stem cell research. "Dignitas Personae" discusses why Catholicism denounces such research, and will clarify any misunderstandings that America may have, according to

During the 40-minute meeting, Obama promised Pope Benedict that he'd reduce America's abortion rate. A strong promise, no doubt, but the pope was delighted and "impressed" by Obama's personality and grace.

...Goooo OBAMA!! :-)


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