Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ne-Yo: "I can't write the Chris Brown bash song."

Ne-Yo has written for Rihanna in the past, most paramount is "Unfaithful," a hit from her second album, "A Girl Like Me." He has also written songs for Britney Spears, in the years following her break-up with Kevin Federline.** He admits that some of Spears' frustration landed in his lyrics, but this will not occur in the Rihanna/Chris Brown case.

The "Closer" singer admits to befriending Brown and acknowledges his mistakes, but states that he cannot write the "Chris Brown bash song" because of his relationship with the accused. Ne-Yo believes a bash song is what everyone's expecting and should best be done in an interview or elsewhere.

"It's sad that it took that happening to get the attention it deserves," Ne-Yo told MTV News. "Women get beat up all the time, and nobody says anything about it or chooses to do anything about it. But now that it happened to a celebrity, [it's], 'Let's talk about it on Oprah Winfrey,"** a statement in which many people can agree with.

Ne-Yo went on to tell MTV News, "I'm not gonna turn my back on a person I call my friend because he made a mistake. [So] I can't write the Chris Brown bash song and then turn around and look myself in the mirror."

The singer/songwriter has already written tracks for Rihanna's upcoming album, whose release date is unknown.


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