Friday, July 10, 2009

"Hope" Obama artist pleads guilty to graffiti charges

Shepard Fairey, the guy responsible for the picture above, plead gulity to graffiti charges on Friday, July 10th, in Boston. Fairey placed the graffiti in several locations, and has plead guilty 5 months after being accused.

Fairey admitted to placing a poster on an electrical box, putting a sticker on a traffic sign, and plastering a poster on a condominium. Eleven other charges were dropped, after Fairey agreed to pay $2000 for a graffiti-cleaning service, was sentenced to 2 years probation, and gave a spoken apology to the people of Boston.

Fairey's "Hope" Obama painting hangs in the National Potrait Gallery in Washington, and was arrested while traveling to his first solo exhibit.


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