Thursday, May 27, 2010

50 Cent achieves historic weight loss...on purpose (You KNOW you wanna know why)!!

50 wants you to take him seriously. Not that his ridiculous rap game hasn't influenced many wack rappers to date, but he really wants you to take him serious, serious. FUCKIN' TAKE A LOOK serious.

Things Fall Apart is a project 50's embarked on to show you such seriousness. He's portraying a cancer-prone football player and has shed the weight to play such a role DROPPING 54 POUNDS IN 9 WEEKS!

He assures (via his site) that he's ok and that he may have been starving himself, but with eating habits due to tour, he's quickly getting back into shape.

God, I wanna see this movie now! I don't even care if his acting is bad...I mean, it can't be. I'm hoping that with his weight loss, his actor suckiness will have narrowed too.

It's gonna be good, I promise. (God, those pics are creepy!)


  1. OMG he looks disgusting lol...

  2. Doesn't he? Like...a regular, non-musclar 160 lbs man is fine, but I'm sooo used to him being big and muscular....ugh!!