Monday, May 17, 2010

The Dream covers Aaliyah's "One in a Million"?? Can anyone tell me why??

Now Blogosphere, before you go UP IN ARMS as to why in the hell The Dream would cover such a sweet classic as One in a Million by the late and great Aaliyah, I want you to breathe in and breathe out...slowly. You ready? ...Ok!

As Miss Jia kindly put it, Dream is the only person who could do this without sounding like a complete jack!ss and without sourcing the great Aaliyah to gain a little fame and/or cheddar. C'mon, he already has tons of hits, not to mention that he penned plently of Number Ones before he went solo (Can anybody say Umbrella, ella, ella and Moving Mountains by Usher?).

To me, it sounds very sweet and sounds like he was very dedicated to the piece. I don't know if he has any connection to the Haughton family, but I am sure that they and guardian angel Liyah gave him their blessings before covering the piece.

Listen to The Dream's cover of Aaliyah's classic One in a Million below....

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  1. not sure how i feel about it. for the most part i feel like it's a classic that shouldn't be touched.