Friday, May 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan keeps dating ugly broads

Whatever rumors have surfaced since Lindsay's Mean Girls phenomena means nothing to me, but seeing this revealing pic with a photographer and learning that this is possibly her new gf, I now have mixed emotions....

The photo was taken during a photoshoot last year, of which Indrani, the female on the right, was the photographer. According to X17Online, the two have been dating since the photoshoot and Indrani, apparently, is a "good influence" for Lindsay--a Princeton graduate who's into art and likes discussing "the meaning of life," says photographer Markus Klinko, whom worked with Indrani on the shoot (May 18).

The source also says that Lindsay has denied any romantic involvement with Indrani (via an interview with US Weekly) and has not been dating for quite some time.

Personally, I think the girl's alright looking. Surely a hell of a lot better than that Samantha Ronson chick/dude...ugh!

P.S. Apparently, she, as is Indrani, a reality star on Bravo and looks a helluva lot better in THESE PICS RIGHT HERE!!

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