Friday, May 28, 2010

EXCLUSIVE!!: Justin Timberlake in "Touch You If I Could" (audio)

Some say this song is old...of which I would agree 'cause he sounds very nasal/*NSYNC-ish...and some say this is from his new work, but I LOVE what JT did on this track, titled Touch You If I Could.

A heartbroken story, but not what we're used to.

If he just upped his vocals a tiny bit, and blew us away with the vocals we know he has, this would be on constant replay on my Zune HD (NOT iPOD **clears throat**).

It's about time, Justin. Stop dating ppl for 3 years, then breaking up to inspire lyrics. Just give us some dayum songs!!

...Listen to Touch You If I Could by Justin Timberlake below:

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