Monday, May 17, 2010

AVAILABLE for Download!! ---->> Chris Brown & Tyga in "Fan of a Fan"

It is finally hereeee!

Chris Brown's last mixtape In My Zone: Gangsta Grillz (Rhythm & Streets) was awesome--wayyy better than that so called album he put out last November Graffiti--but here he is again with Young Money's Tyga on the joint mixtape Fan of a Fan.

Its most talked about single on Twitter is "Deuces," by which Chris and Tyga express their hate relationship with crappy females.

Now, you may be thinking, "Isn't Chris Brown's career shot?" and "He has some nerve talking about crappy relationships when he's the cause of the greatest relationship fail of 2009" and, possibly, "Who's Tyga?"

I say...give Breezey another chance. I know, I know...he's a major f!ck up...but I'm hoping that he found God in this situation and that if he has not learned from his ways that he should be slapped around just as much as he did you know who.

As far as Tyga, he's a part of Young Money, so he should be alright.

To get a greater glimpse into the current minds of Chris Brown and Tyga, download their critically-acclaimed mixtape Fan of a Fan, available HERE for your downloading purposes.

...Did I just here No Bullsh!t, a song from Breezey's last mixtape? That's ok...I "like the song" anyways =)

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