Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look With Your Heart: Hercules In The Making

Love's a curious thing, it often comes disguised.
Look at love the wrong way, it goes unrecognized.

I love my man more than my dad could ever have loved my mother.
We have something that's true, that's real.
We're struggling, but we have to.
We fight, but we're supposed to.
We're not perfect, but we're beings.
Opposites attract, opposites tract....
Yeah, I would say that's us
But we complete each other.
He's the jelly to my peanut?
I dunno 'bout all that, but I think our differences fit
into the perfect match
Like "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"
Completely different, but could not exist without the other;
Independent minds supported by someone who understands.
Compared to most, he may not be
Prince Charming or
Bill Gates or
Marvin Gaye or
Dr. Fuck-Me-All-Day
But he is what I need
Not what you or what your parents need or what your parents may have wanted you to need
But what I need.
I understand that you look out for the best and
I understand that you don't want your little girl getting hurt but
Try being open-minded before you consider him

Ya never know....
He may be the underdog never yet seen by man;
My Hercules in-the-making.

Look with your heart and not with your eyes.
The heart can't be fooled. The heart is too wise.
Forget what you think. Ignore what you hear.
Look with your heart, it always sees clear.

I'm not blinded by love
I just know when to tune out people that aren't either he
or me.

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