Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Katy Perry has the hots for Rihanna...I told y'all mother f!ckers ;)

We all know that Katy Perry and Rihanna are best friends and we all wish that the two would just make a song together and/or make-out ridiculously for the world to see (whichever they prefer), but we did not know that Katy actually had the hots for Rihanna.

Once it was announced that Katy was engaged to comedian Russell Brand, Rihanna stepped in as host of her bachelorette party. Well done, RiRi, but Katy wants you to provide the entertainment. I hope she’s the one stripping at my bachelorette [party] ’cause she’s hot, admitted Perry to radio personalities Carson Daly and McCabe via AMP Radio (May 24).

Katy, who wouldn't want such a wedding gift and Rihanna would be disloyal to deny your request. you make her do it...and...I hope you take pics...plenty of them ;)

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