Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pamela S. gives thanks: iSHiNE11/PammiePedia reaches 10,000 Views

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be creating a blog, let alone be writing on it daily and attracting hundreds of viewers nationwide. I was inspired by my companion and mentor, Justin M. P. Robinson, to practice daily at what love---writing---and undoubtedly, he said, will it be a success. Less than a year after the launch of this Wordpress blog, I have attracted 10,000+ views with subscribers and fans that make it all worth while.

I wrote at a time when my heart would not allow me to speak. My father had crushed my dreams of attending New York University and I took my frustration out on this blog with poems. Then, I thought, "Why not write about what I love? Celeb gossip and quirky vids!" and that's what I did. Too lazy to write, I copied and credited posts from other blogs, at first, but when something inside me said "This may be your future," I began to write.

Blogging, then, became an obsession---at least 10 posts per day with constant revisions. I would ask peers to proofread my work, yet my mother was quick to say, "The best writer I know is asking others for advise." Hence, I stopped asking.

The challenge of writing yourself is hard. "How can I get people to understand my writing style," I asked. "Do they understand it at all? How do I know what's wrong if I'm the only one writing? Is this offending anyone?" I was reassured by Mr. Robinson that this blog was of my creation and if anyone was offended, they could choose not to subscribe.

Another good friend, by the name of Jesse Brooks, once told me that offending people must not be of my nature 'cause I write so well. Well, I thank him for his honesty, but I know I'm not perfect. I edit my posts until I am sure that no one is offended and that anyone with a basic reading level can comprehend them.

I am blessed to be in this position today. Publishers and affiliates of renown editorials---i.e. The Philadelphia Inquirer---have approached me with deals and internships that I could and would not have dreamed of. My writing helps, of course, but it is because of the readers that I have something to write about and want to write about on a daily basis.

I reiterate the term "daily" because this a part of my life. The blog, the stories and you are a part of my life and have changed me in ways that Qutie [my great-grandmother, inspirer, and guardian angel in Heaven] could not deem possible.

On behalf of my great-grandmother's dream and my future life as a Journalist, I would like to thank each and every one of you, for your continuing support and ongoing encouragement.

Qutie said my shine was incredible and I know that iSHiNE because of you.

I thank you. God Bless and Live Life with Love.

Earthly name: Pamela S.

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