Wednesday, March 17, 2010

GAGA News: "Coke Can Curls," Overexhaustion and Gay Art??

As worn in her record-breaking video for "Telephone" featuring Beyoncé, Miss Gaga donned "Coke Can Curls" while traveling in Australia on Wednesday (said via, March 17).

The star reportedly collapsed during a show in New Zealand on Saturday, March 13. According to JustJared, Michael Coppel, the tour's spokesperson, said that Gaga was tired and overheated and that she rested on stage and removed her headgear for air. Apparently, though, Gaga is doing well.

In lighter news, Gaga posted a fan-made photo of her and Beyoncé via her Twitter account last week. The photo was inspired by the "Telephone" set and some (bloggers, in particular) say that the photo suggests homosexuality, by which neither Gaga, Beyoncé or the artist, Yamino, have commented on the matter.

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