Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Drake makes a Special Appearance at Young Money tour in Toronto

Throughout his mixtape, Drake constantly mentions his hometown and how whatever he's doing, he's doing it for them. As many female fans know, Drake never disappoints.

The rising star returned to the America's Most Wanted tour to perform in his hometown of Toronto, after resting-up for a few days from a re-injured knee. Most of his performance required him to lean and/or sit on a stool, but the triple-threat felt he could not diappoint his biggest fanbase.

Although some bloggers condemn Lil Wayne for not aiding Drake after his July 31st accident (on stage), Drake knighted Wayne as the "greatest entertainer he ever saw."** The two artists walked off the stage together--Drake accompanied with a cane.**

There is no word to whether Drake will continue the tour.


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