Friday, August 21, 2009

Weird, I Know....

I got a low cut.
Look like a boy, on the side
but a long string of curls
or a mohawk
will hang from the front.

I like graphic tees
and tight jeans.
I got a Transformers shirt,
A shirt that says "Wifey,"
and a plaid tee that's faded.

My toes are bright;
My nails are long;
My converses can fill an entire closet.

I'm weird!
I know this.
I love this.
...It might be a fad
but fuck it
I like.
You talkin' trash
is not hurtin' me
'cause I'm not
doin' this
to please you.
So whatever satisfaction
you got
from trashin' me
is bull
and you're trash
for sayin' it.

I've may have
changed my look
since graduation
your mentality
sure hasn't.

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