Monday, June 1, 2009

Spill My Soul

I’ve been beaten and bruised
By a man’s angry heart.
I’ve been pushed and slapped…
Stomped on and spit on…
By words one’s heart should not tolerate.
I’ve been kicked and I screamed,
I’ve been punched and I hollered,
But no one seems to hear me.
I can’t tell my mom ‘cause she’ll give me,
“Well…when I was your age, honey….”
I can’t tell the girls, either, ‘cause they’ll give me,
“I told you he was crazy. Girl, you should’ve….”
There’s no one out there that’ll hear my cry,
Soothe the pain and wipe the tears away
Without feeding me bullshit and saying,
“You’ll get over it in time.”
…The time’s not right now
And I need someone who’ll let me vent
Before I lose my SANITY!
….but I met someone,
A BOY someone,
Who claims that,
“I’m not like the rest.”

I hide my pain…
…because who wants their first impression to consist of
Past troubles and dumb romances?
The dates are good, however, and the personality’s nice,
But I’m not ready to spill my soul just yet.

Songs play on the radio of,
“…how he did me wrong”
And movies showcase the life after a break-up.
It gets to a point where
My soul can no longer endure its 5 years of hurt.

We stop at a parking lot
And I begin spill my soul…
…all the abuse I’ve endured…
…all the stress I’ve accumulated…
…all the tears I’ve let dry…
…and it felt sooo good.
I’m confused about why he listens attentively, though…
…And holds my hand,
And kisses my cheek,
And snuffles his nose…
…along with mine.
I shed my tears
And wipe his away…
“Why are you crying,” I say,
“What’s the matter?”
His astounding response is,
“You’re hurting and I can’t stand to see you like this.”

It hit me:
He feels my pain…
He sheds my tears…
He cries my sorrow…
And why?
Because we SHARE the same torn heart
And hope to heal quickly…

I look into those bright brown eyes
And feel his soul…
…the eternal of someone the same as I.
I think we realize this at the same moment;
We shed the same tears
And reach for another’s lips.

His warmth makes me feel welcome…
…and I realize that this is what I should’ve felt
Those five years ago.
I kiss him for hours on end,
Not wanting to let go the part of my soul
I’ve been missing for years.

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