Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stops the Growth....

I try to grow
but then the clingy-ness starts
and it stops the growth.
...I want to be
yesterday's successor
wear the crown on my head
but when I clutch him like a glove
I get rags, instead.
...I can't stand clingy b*tches
can't live without they man
but where am I at 4 days a week?
...I guess I'll never understand.
...I know I'm not the only being seeking attention
but when it comes to his privacy
it's something I don't even mention.
...I don't wanna be the clingy, stuck-up b*tch
that screams out "no love"
...but that takes time and patience
which I got a lot of;
when I sit and think about it
I'm the one I'm annoyed of.
...It's sick...I get mad when he wants his own
but I need shut up 'cause it's part of being grown.
...I'm 20-years-old, still seeking the teenage life
but the fact that I wrote this poem notates progression of a strife.

...I'm Doing [not trying] it!!!

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