Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Must You Alter???

Gotta shape up or ship out, right?
Adapt to the times, fix yourself, or be gone.
...it's not an overnight thing
You don't wake up the next day all shaped up
...It takes time
But most importantly

You can spend all night staring at a math problem,
but if you put any effort towards it,
nothing'll get done.

...You have to want to do something, yourself
before you can do it for anyone else.
You and your God are the most important beings in your life
If you don't please them
You're not pleasing anything.

...The teenage years of changing yourself
for the man
for the girl
for whomever you're trying to please
is set for teenage years
to teach you how not to conduct yourself.
...If a peer hints at a fault
and you acknowledge it, as well
that creates more incentive to better your fault
not the sole reasoning for this fixing, get me???

...It's not about the man
it's about The Man
and the person who just said "The Man"
which is You.
...Don't make someone else your reasoning for change
make YOU your reasoning for change
'cause the only two to witness your Final Judgement is
The Man
and the man He'll speak to.

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