Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Report: Fantasia had abortion of child w/ married lover Antwaun Cook

SIDE NOTE!: And I thought this sh!t was over with!

After recovering from a suicide attempt in August, launching the second season of her anticipated reality show Fantasia For Real and scoring a No. 2 album with Back To Me, many had thought the scandal between Fantasia and married lover, Antwaun Cook, was over. Guess some flames can't be put out.

Read RadarOnline's article (below) on the new details that have surfaced:

Fantasia Barrino has admitted she got pregnant by her married lover Antwaun Cook and had an abortion around the time of her failed suicide attempt, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.The American Idol winner made the sensational confession in a North Carolina court on Monday during Cook’s divorce proceeding with his ex-wife Paula.
Facing questions before a Mecklenburg County Court judge, the famous singer, 26, was pressed on whether she knew Cook was living with Paula when they embarked on their illicit affair.
The Idol season three winner has acknowledged she dated Cook “off and on for about 11 months” but said she believed he had separated from his wife.
In court, lawyers for the scorned wife pressed Fantasia about a hotel rendezvous that took place just a few days after meeting one another.
“Paula’s lawyer is arguing that they got the room because she knew he was still married,” one onlooker – who was inside the court – told RadarOnline.com.
There were no reporters in the courtroom and witnesses were asked to leave as Fantasia took the stand.
But multiple sources, including a Cook family source, confirmed Fantasia’s explosive testimony to RadarOnline.com.
Fantasia became the center of a celebrity cheating scandal when she famously got the name “Cook” tattooed on her collarbone in honor of Antwaun.
As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Fantasia – who is still dating Antwaun – attempted to kill herself in August by taking an overdose of aspirin after reading a court complaint filed by Paula naming her as a home wrecker.
“It just became heavy for me, so I just wanted to be away from the noise,” Fantasia said in a television interview.
Paula is now considering suing Fantasia over the unique Alienation of Affection law.
Alienation of Affection is a law still recognized by only seven states – one of which is North Carolina – where an abandoned spouse can file lawsuit against the party responsible for the failure of their marriage, typically the adulterous spouse’s lover.
Fantasia and Paula recently failed to settle their differences through private mediation after a marathon 12-hour session on November 1.
“Paula is not doing too well, having to hear all this in court and replay it all over, she’s emotionally torn,” one source close to the woman told RadarOnline.com.

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