Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Beatles: 'Now on iTunes'

SIDE NOTE!: I never knew that The Beatles weren't on iTunes (**GASP**), but I'm sure this will bring in a nice chunk of change for
the big Apple!

Read Neon Limelight's article, below, on The Beatles' BIG iTunes debut:

At long last, the Beatles‘ catalog is on iTunes.
After teasing a big announcement yesterday that sparked tons of rumors — some of which were on the money— Apple confirmed the news today (November 16).
Many albums from the foursome are for sale for $12.99, while a few others, including double-albums, are selling for $19.99. If you’d rather skip buying single albums, a boxset can be yours for $149.99, or if you just need a quick Beatles fix, singular tracks can be bought for $1.29.
For the low-down on the deal, read here. 

Neon Limelight also included the following promotional videos in their article:

Photo via Bungalow Bill

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