Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fantasia Barrino has a married man's name tattooed on her body...and is involved in a sex tape?!

Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino (2004) is said to have interfered in the marriage of North Carolinian couple Paula and Antwaun Cook (said via ET, August 7). Barrino met Cook in a T-Mobile store in Summer 2009 and is rumored to have his name tattooed on her "upper left shoulder" and to have participated in a sex tape with the alleged.

Ms. Cook has filed for alimony, child support and full-custody of her two children with her husband. The couple have been estranged for a disclosed amount of time.

Barrino has formerly denied such allegations and her reps have yet to release any statement(s) of any kind.

Cook is also said to have received gratuitous gifts from Barrino, including trips around the world and large cash sums.  

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