Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Timbaland's family orders APB on Escalade, possible suicide attempt after major heist

Two million dollars is a lot to lose, especially when one does not plan to spend and/or lose it. People have been known to consider strange things when they realize that large sums of their money have suddenly disappeared, i.e. the Bernie Madoff case. Some of these hysterical people consider suicide, and according to TMZ, celebrities may react in the same manner.

The celebrity-gossip site reports that rapper/producer Timbaland may have contemplated thoughts of suicide yesterday when he learned that a Jacob & Co. watch, worth an estimated $2 million, was stolen from his Malibu home. His family members thought him distraught after an early phone call with his brother, of which he spoke of the watch and a suspicion that someone he knew may have stolen it.

After the phone call, Timbaland began driving aimlessly throughout Los Angeles, says TMZ, and would not return any method of contact from relatives. It is then, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept., that his family asked that an APB be put out on his Escalade.

Squad cars and a helicopter eventually found Timbaland in his vehicle and escorted him to his home. Police spoke with him about the ordeal and have begun an investigation into the theft(s). It is reported that paramedics were ordered to the house and discovered that Timbaland was not a threat to himself.

Word on "possible suspects" has yet to be released. Timbaland has since denied wanting to harm himself following the robbery.

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