Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fantasia Barrino's overdose now thought to be a suicide attempt....

The ongoing controversy surrounding Fantasia Barrino seems to worsen by the day. It is now reported that Barrino's overdose only two days prior was thought to be a suicide attempt, by way of a police report (said via AP, August 11). Officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. did not identify the 911 caller, but were told that a woman, now identified as Barrino, "took a bottle of aspirin and was slowly losing consciousness." Brian Dickens, the songstress' manager, announced Wednesday that the overdose was not suicidal and that Barrino was simply under stress.

This revelation comes days after a North Carolinian woman, Paula Cook, cited in court that Barrino interrupted her marriage with a Mr. Antwaun Cook and that the songstress is involved in a sex tape with the alleged. Dickens announced Tuesday that Mrs. Cook's accusations were false and that the songstress was deeply saddened by the ordeal. He continued that Barrino thought Mr. Cook and his wife to be separated and that she was not intruding on anyone's marriage.

Barrino currently has Cook's name tattooed on her upper left shoulder and has reportedly lavished Cook with trips overseas and expensive gifts. The two met in a T-Mobile store last August and have been courting on-and-off for several months.

Despite such allegations, the songstress was able to thrive. Barrino was released from the hospital Wednesday, with this statement from her manager: [Fantasia is] in great condition, very stable, very alert and looking forward to returning to work.

Fantasia For Real, a VH1 reality show based on Barrino's daily struggles with single-motherhood, has ceased filming until further notice.

Photo via NYDailyNews

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