Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cool3 Valentine

It's not as easy as Beyoncé says
"Those walls I built"
did come tumbling down
but not as easily.
Me: beaten, battered and bruised
in every sense of the term
and I brought it all to you....
I didn't know how to handle it
You ignored it
grew with it
later detested it
And I was gone....

4 weeks of growing loneliness
in every sense of the term
I grew without you
I grew without me
And became a new me.
I was happy
lowered bait
And you came back.
I was sick
you fed me
And I grew back.

You shook more sense into my head than
a psychologist could
And ya did it without pay
which is always really good.
I struggled
You fought
I lost lives
You gave more
And I came of age.
...Scratch that.
Am coming of age 'cause
there's still a ways to go.

I'm open
growing more
you love it
and I do too.
I love you
and that's been there
has been there
and always will be there.

You've become that "Haitian prince" with
a weird haircut
that matches mine.
We can grow our hair together and hopefully
our kids will be fatter than us....

Te amo, baby :D

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