Friday, February 12, 2010

Order your "I'm With CoCo" memorabilia

Conan O'Brien gave up give his gig as host of "The Tonight Show" 3 weeks prior, but the spirit of I'm With CoCo still lives on.

Mike Mitchell, creator of the "I'm With CoCo" logo, has created memorabilia to designate this historic time in late-night history.

The author/creator acknowledged O'Brien's wishes by stating "there are more important things going on in the world then him [O'Brien] being bumped" and that because of this, he will be donating $1 of every purchase to relief efforts in Haiti via

If fans are interested in helping the cause and supporting O'Brien, memorabilia may be purchased at The cost of a "I'm With Coco" t-shirt (white or black) is $18, a print is $12 and an orange wristband is $5.

Consumers are encouraged to pay via PayPal accounts.

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