Friday, February 26, 2010

Fan Appreciation: Eesha loves PammiePedia

Here is yet another Fan Sign from 1 of my glorious readers: Miss Tyisha (Eesha) Murray!!

If ya keep 'em coming, I will produce a page exclusively for the fans (like the pages that celebrities host on Facebook).

Withstanding, I cannot say enough 'bout how much I appreciate your appreciation. You guys are the reason I write and if it were not for you, a materialistic diary would be the outlet of my thoughts, ideas, interests and wants.

I totally agree with Drake when he says "What's a star if its most important fan is missing" in saying that a blog means nothing is there is no one to read it. You guys take the time out to read PammiePedia everyday and for your shared love and support, I say Thank You.

God Bless you, family!


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