Thursday, May 5, 2011

Music VIDEO!: Lady Gaga in 'Judas'

SIDE NOTE: Rick Gonzalez, the actor that plays Jesus in "Judas," is sooo gorgeous! Who knew he would mature to look better than he did in Coach Carter?!

In terms of the video, I thoroughly enjoyed it, more so than I did "Born This Way." Gaga and Laurianne Gibson, her creative director, were able to take a biblical story, apply it to a biker theme and still carry out the social message that Gaga holds dear: One may feel like a Judas, but they must persevere to triumph. 

The video ends on a sad note, but what's a Gaga video without compelling imagery? Her make-up was flawless and the visuals were stunning. Bravo, Gaga. Bravo!   

Source via E! Online

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