Thursday, November 4, 2010

Report: Lil Wayne has been released from Rikers Island

Twitter is currently over capacity following the news that Lil Wayne has been released from Rikers Island. Rumors amidst the blogosphere this morning suggested that his release had been pushed back a day, but
 Neon Limelight reports that Wayne was released today as planned.

Wayne was jailed in March after pleading guilty to gun possession. He was originally arrested in July 2007 "when a loaded .40-calibre semi-automatic gun was found on his tour bus," says Guardian UK.

His imprisonment had inspired an international Free Weezy campaign by fans, including t-shirts and constant Twitter hash-tags.

Read Neon Limelight's full report, below, on Wayne's first day of freedom:

No need to wear your ‘Free Weezy’ t-shirts any longer:Lil Wayne is a free man.
The rapper was released early this morning (November 4) from the Rikers Island prison where he was serving eight months on a gun possession charge.
Earlier in the morning, some confusion arose over Weezy’s release when a prison guard told MTV News Wayne’s time was “miscalculated” and he’d have toserve an additional day of “good time” before walking away a free man.
That, of course, is untrue, and Weezy is already gearing up to make his first appearance. According to Young Money president Mack Maine, Lil Wayne will be celebrating his release with a party at a Miami strip club. But before that, he will more than likely be hitting the stage with Drake at his concert in Las Vegas on November 6.

Photo via Lil-Wayne

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