Monday, November 15, 2010

I work for 'The Trendaholic!'

I love to write. I not only love to write for myself, I love to write for other people (as long as it does not involve Politics; Politics = Yuckkkk). Therefore, when the opportunity arose for me to write for The Trendaholic, I gladly took it. :)

The Trendaholic is site based guessed it...trends, with an emphasis on new technology and gadgets. Of course, I do not fit into that main category but when it comes to topics such as Music and Just a Thought, I am the woman for the job. I was invited by Owner/Senior Writer
Charles West (who thought my caliber of writing was ¡muy excelente!) and Senior Writer Justin Robinson (you all should know who he is, by now).

I am not a paid writer. I am doing this for my love for writing (and it also does not hurt to include this on my résumé). With this project and others, I strive to make my name known, becoming the woman you trust most for your news, not just entertainment! Support is appreciated and if not, that is okay too. As long as I can spread my wings, I know I can fly.

Visit to see the hype for yourself, and check out the post I am most proud of, Rihanna: In A League Of Her Own.

-- iSHiNE

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