Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chris Brown posts twitpic of community service, comments on the weather....

I'm not one to usually post something solely because I feel and/or felt strongly about it, but I couldn't pass this up....

A few days ago, Chris Brown posted a TwitPic of himself doing community service with the caption: Community service trash detail. Hot as hell.

Nearly seconds (and I mean seconds) after it was posted, fans and groupies flocked to the photo, many commenting on on how "sexy" he was (in the photo). Some offered words of encouragement (i.e. #teambreezy) and some questioned why he continues to do labor. Few comments suggested that Chris' posting of the photo showed a sign of redemption on the singer's part. You posting this picture is the real deal, said @TASHANTI16. I respect you for that.

Now, if you're a ride-or-die fan of Chris Brown, that's fine, but realize what you're saying before you say it. Do you remember what he's doing community service for? Oh yea...damn near beating the life out of woman, let's just forget the fact that she's a celebrity...a woman...and you're directly and/or indirectly supporting it. You're applauding him for having his shirt off while he's supposedly redeeming his life for the heinous act he committed, let alone the fact that Breezy thought it was "cute" and/or newsworthy to post a picture of himself doing so while commenting on the weather. Are you proud of this, Chris? Does it make you feel good that you can post such pictures, knowing that you damn near got away with murder (Note: this is not to be taken in a literal sense)?

Why would you post this? Fans will be fans and there will always be dumb b!tches that will ride for you, no matter what, but as for you Chris, what the f#ck? Grow up. Be a man. Don't post sh!t like this. You don't know who this could be harming. 

You make it seem as though abusers can and should be excused, as long as they generate a little sweat from their wrongs. I love you as an artist, but morally, you're as f#cked as one could comprehend. Rethink your life and actions, please. 

-- iSHiNE

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  1. So I found out why he really whooped her ass...and he had EVERY right.