Friday, May 29, 2009

You're Just a Boy....

You're not even my man...
...but I regarded you as such
A man with dignity,
And someone I thought highly of.

You were the sole of my shoe...
...supporting it all
through the downpours
And the snow
You never left sight of your call.

Then, you up and left
and "surprise" wasn't the word
...How you used to be the sole
and now
you're just another brand.

Where did we go astray?
How'd you lose your way?
I thought 'best friends' was enough
but you swore I didn't know your name.

I thought looks couldn't kill,
but mine killed what we had...
a strong friendship for 2 years
and my face destroyed the bond we had;
I'm sorry for being cute...
being the vulnerable girl you've wanted...
but I'm in love with someone else
and I can't help you with needs today...
...nor ever.

I wish you didn't feel like this...
I wish we'd never dated...
but I'd had never met you
or made the the friendship that we used to have;
I wish there were no former feelings...
I wish you were a n*gga off the street...
then, I wouldn't feel so bad
...being "friends" wouldn't hurt you so bad.

I don't know what I did...
make you regard me as **Her**
But the **Her** is someone else
...I want to meet **Her** but not be.

...I..just...I can't change what happened
but I can pray for what comes.
I hope God helps you along the way;
Recover well and I will help the hurt .

...God, I miss my friend :(

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