Friday, May 29, 2009

Who am I living for? Is this my limit?

Crashin' on bed, after a long day of classes,
"Let's log onto the facebook," I say, "let's see what's new; what's good?"
Lookin' at the red notifications bar, I realize, "Dayum: 20 notifications!
Let's go check 'em out." I'm viewing all the comments, thinking, "Yea, I know him," and,
"Haha, that's funny," but, I wonder, looking hard at the thumbnail, "Who the hell is this?
Let's click on the profile and see." ...Ya know, slow internet...waitin'
for the sh*t to load and...OMG!
"Who's that," I demand, "God dayum! Wait...lemme check the other pics." ...Slow *ss internet,
I wanna see if.... "There it is: fly! Dayum: sexii! Woooo: gorgeous! I can't
...I...interested?! Am I curious?" Wow!
"I can't believe it! Oooo, she all on me, on me!" I wish
she was. I gotta see her, GOTTA SEE her, "...and she so nice," I admit,
"Convo' is so basic. I can't approach her, though," I realize. "Does she like girls?,"
I question, "Do I like girls? ...Sh*t, I dunno, but I like this one."

...For days and days, I try to find an excuse to meet thee. "Where you go to school?,"
I ask, "Where you shop at? Coming to the mall, anytime soon?"
...And somethin' makes me resort to the most desperate of questions:
Me: Where do you play at?
She: Here.
5 minutes before I coherently digest: HERE?! Gotta make sure
my hair looks nice and the outfit looks right 'cause tonight,
I'll be there!

...I gather the gang, talk a bunch of nothing in the car.
I'm lookin' around, lookin' around, and
..."Here you are, baby," I recite (in my head), "and even better in person....
Good god, her temple is blessed with so many many." I pondering a switch to
the other side...of her XD; I wanna recalculate
my frame of thinking; adjust it to: I love the d*ck and thy man, but solely one female of them all. **sigh** ...I am not fully aware of her sexual-orientation and I know
dogs constantly hound at this fox, but lemme talk to this femme...lemme take a chance...& see what
I can get ;-)

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